Monday, July 12, 2010

Gilgreth's Case Notes, Continued

The other children avoid Gilgreth, as well they might, since he tends to steal from them and pinch them when he can. His teachers report that he has an odd smell--like napthalene, and I admit, when he is brought to my office, I usually open a window for some fresh air. He is a vengeful sort of child and intensely greedy--he once pocketed my glasses although I'm sure he cannot see out of them.

His mother seems fairly unconcerned; she brought the child in at the insistence of the school principal. She is aware of her son's stealing, and in fact has been arrested three times for shoplifting herself. I fear there is little we can do to help this child unless he finds something he loves more than acquiring objects. Perhaps he should be encouraged to take up a musical instrument?

Countertransference was immediate and strong. I do not like Gilgreth, although to be fair, I should say most people do not. He is rude, uncommunicative, uninterested in anything beyond his pecuniary goals and he smells weird.