Friday, June 25, 2010

Gilgreth's Note from Family Counselling

Young Gilgreth's (age 43) mother brought him in because he was bullying the other leprechauns at school. She said that he is failing grammar, being either unwilling or unable to grasp verb tenses. His penmanship is his second-best subject and he excels at math, as is evidenced by the logbook found in his desk that carefully accounted for the milk money he has been coercing from his fellow students since the beginning of term.

Gilgreth's teachers say he is stubborn, rude and reeks of napthalene. They say they're used to rude and stubborn leprechauns, but the smell is pervasive and unpleasant. Besides, the school is a fragrance-free zone and the gym teacher has chemical sensitivities.

G.'s mother says he refuses to clean his room and that although she and her husband have bought him various pets, attempting to inspire him with affection, rather than loving them, he tends to eat them.

Gilgreth refused to speak to me, although he did gnaw a leaf off my rubber plant. When I asked him to draw me a picture, he drew a cave with bars on the door and piles of golden coins inside. The mailbox in front had his initials. I asked him, "Do you like money, Gilgreth?" and by way of reply, he picked my pocket.